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Simply it’s the incentive for doing something; that willingness of action especially in doing an act. Have experienced this so had to note down. I grew up receiving this every time but did not recognise it till now.I wondered why gift someone in highschool ,primary and not that I was that intelligent. Only to realiseContinue reading “MOTIVATION”


Generosity is a virtual. God first showed his generosity by being a provider. Someone told us that God gave us something which no man can neither switch on or off that is day and night and life. We see in the bible that Jesus lived as an example where he always felt with the needy.Continue reading “GENEROSITY”


Diversity of knowledge has arouse awareness of our rights and freedom. To some extent the freedom becomes more open especially in campus. I normally take this as a privilege to be in this”free world ” , university. Where I only have to be disciplined for progress. It has being a norm since I joined campusContinue reading “FREEDOM”

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